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Earth’s Best Organic Formula Reviews

Earth’s Best is a baby formula company that specializes in using only organic foods and avoiding chemical pesticides, growth hormones, or any other artificial products. Aside from formula made for infants, Earth’s Best also sells a number of other products for newborns and older children.

Earth’s Best baby formulas are certified organic and contain no Genetically Modified Organisms, and are also considered kosher. This commitment to safety also extends to their packaging, as their jarred and canned baby food is entirely BPA-free.

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Earth's Best With Iron

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Earth's Best Formula With Iron

Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron, DHA, and ARA is their standard starter formula, and it simulates breast milk by providing the necessary proteins and carbohydrates, as well as the amino acids DHA and ARA. DHA and ARA are both essential fatty acids that are vital to your baby’s healthy development, and are usually transferred to the baby through breast milk.

Many adults get these essential fatty acids through their normal diet, especially from eating fish. However, with the health risks associated with fish intake due to mercury pollution, the FDA has issued strict guidelines on the amount of fish that should be consumed by pregnant and lactating women. Fortunately, this formula contains twice the amount of DHA and ARA as the other leading brand, and the amino acids used are harvested from vegetarian sources.

Additionally, while the FDA does not require that formula contains these amino acids, a number of studies have shown that high levels of DHA and ARA lead to higher cognitive scores and improved visual acuity in infants. This formula is also fortified with iron, contains a mix of whey and casein, and uses organically sourced lactose and glucose solids for its carbohydrates.

Most parents that use this Earth’s Best option seem to feel that this infant formula is satisfactory and affordably priced. It’s known to mix well and isn’t too dense or clumpy. Best of all, it offers a pleasant flavor that many babies enjoy, and it’s chock full of vitamins and minerals.

Earth's Best Organic Sensitivity Formula

If your baby has a particularly sensitive tummy, then Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Infant Formula with DHA & ARA might be what you are looking for. This formula is specifically designed for babies who have been experiencing problems with other formulas. More specifically, this baby formula contains a reduced amount of lactose, which can reduce the likelihood of gastrointestinal distress in your baby.

This product is the first sensitive infant formula that is also certified organic by the FDA. Like their standard version, this one is also fortified with iron, along with the added amino acids. The Organic Sensitivity formula contains lower amounts of lactose than the standard infant formula while still remaining primarily milk-based, unlike the soy-based option.

Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Infant Formula seems to meet the approval of most parents as an alternative to other infant formulas for especially fussy babies. There are a number of customers who have turned to this product as a result of difficulty breastfeeding or using other formulas and this baby formula seems to work for most of the affected infants.

Earth's Best Organic Soy Infant Formula

If you are concerned about milk in your child’s formula, you might want to consider Earth’s Best Organic Soy Infant Formula with DHA & ARA. Like most physicians, Earth’s Best generally recommends using breast milk substitutes based on cow’s milk. But if your baby is having problems digesting the animal proteins in cow’s milk-based formula, you may want to consider the organic soy -based option.

Like the previous two formulas, this contains high levels of the amino acids DHA and ARA, as well as iron. However, unlike the others, the Organic Soy Infant Formula uses soy beans as a base. When growing these soy beans, Earth’s Best takes great care to avoid using soil that has been contaminated or fertilized by any artificial chemicals or pesticides.

If you’re considering this product, make sure to check with your family physician whether a soy-based infant formula is right for you child. This product should generally be considered as an alternative to the other infant formulas if your baby appears to be allergic or exhibiting distress.

Earth's Best Organic Formula Overview

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In conclusion, the Earth’s Best formula brand is generally well regarded as a quality producer of organic formulas. They take a lot of care and concern over using quality organic ingredients and infuse their products with DHA & ARA for the benefit of your baby’s neurological development. They offer both milk-based and soy-based options that are certified organic by the FDA.

When considering these products, parents should make sure to consider how sensitive their child’s tummy is, and whether or not they have any milk or lactose allergies. Every baby is different, and while Earth’s Best is the favorite brand for many parents and babies, you’ll want to make sure that it’s the right formula brand for your family.

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