HiPP Organic Food believes in feeding only the best possible organic foods to babies and toddlers. Everyone wants to give their children the very best from the start, so HiPP Organic Foods makes certain that they use only the best organic ingredients available to create nourishing baby formulas and foods that you will feel good about feeding to your child.

Their infant formulas include only the finest organic ingredients available. There are no chemical pesticides or genetically modified ingredients in their baby formulas or food products. The resulting formula and food is delicious, nutritious, and perfect for every stage of your baby’s development.

HiPP Organic First Infant Milk

The first formula in the HiPP infant formula line  is their First Infant Milk. This formula is designed to be nutritionally complete for all newborn infant’s needs. The formula is whey based, and is okay from birth onward.

The formula is specifically made to be gentle on newborns’ stomachs, and is the perfect formula to compliment breastfeeding or for those infants not being breastfed. The formula has Omega-3 and Omega-6 LCPs, with DHA and ARA, along with pre-biotic oligosaccharides. The formula is also fortified with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients essential to a newborn infant.

Most users are extremely satisfied with this formula and their infant’s apparent satisfaction with the formula. It is designed to satisfy the needs of each infant for the first six months of life. Many users even find the formula ok to continue using up to the age of one, without switching to other formulas.

HiPP Hungry Infant Organic Baby Milk Formula

The next step in the HiPP line of infant formulas is their Hungry Infant Milk. This formula provides a higher proportion of casein protein, which may satisfy a baby’s hunger needs longer than the whey dominant formulas. It is also suitable to complement breastfeeding.

It contains all the healthy nutrients and vitamins that are in the First Infant Milk, so it’s sure to provide your infant with complete nutrition. This formula is highly recommended among parents who have babies that are always hungry and that always want to be fed. The hungry infant formula helps keep infants fuller longer, reducing the number of daily feedings to match that of other children.

Hipp Follow On Milk

The third step in the HiPP baby formula line-up is the Follow on Milk. This milk is designed for infants that are moving onto a weaning diet of both formula and solid foods.

This formula should not be used until six months of age and onward, when the infant is moving from exclusive breastfeeding or formula milk feeding, to eating solid foods. This formula is organic and formulated with iron for cognitive development, along with all the other essential vitamins and minerals needed for growing infants. This formula won the 2014 Baby and Pregnancy Gold award.

Hipp Good Night Milk

The Good Night formula is the fourth formula offered in the HiPP line of organic baby formulas. This formula is a blend of the HiPP brand organic Follow on Milk, and their gluten free rice and buckwheat cereals.

This formula is creamy, highly satisfying, and the best way for your infant to end their busy day. This formula is designed for infants from the age of six month old, all the way up to the age of three. It is easy to add this formula to your infant’s bed time routine instead of using their normal infant formula feeding. It’s okay with either a bottle or a sippy cup, or even mixed with foods and eaten with a spoon. Parents most often given reasons for why they use this formula are to keep their infant full at night and to help reduce the amount of night time feedings with their infant. If their infant goes to bed with a full stomach that stays full longer, the baby wakes up less often due to being hungry.

HiPP Growing up Milk

The final formula offered by HiPP, is their organic Growing up Milk. This formula is designed for baby’s who are twelve months old or older.

This formula features iron, to help with your child’s cognitive development. The formula also contains all the essential vitamin and minerals to keep your infant healthy and happy. It is designed to give your child the extra nutritional boost that they need, that is often lost when switching from a cow’s milk based formula directly to only cow’s milk. The Growing up Milk contains forty times more iron than cow’s milk, helping your infant meet their daily requirements.

Most parents who chose this formula did so because they want their child to continue to get those essential vitamins and minerals that they get from formula, even when they have graduated from needing formula as their main food source. Users believe that this formula is a great bridging product between a solid food and a milk based diet. It’s rated very highly and it has also received the Baby and Pregnancy 2014 silver award.

baby drinking formulaEveryone knows that breastfeeding is best. When it is not possible to breastfeed, or if you are in need of a breastfeeding supplement, the HiPP line of formulas has your every need covered. Each of their formulas includes only the finest organic ingredients available, so you are certain that you are giving your infant the best formula for their constantly growing bodies. HiPP has a formula that is perfect for every stage in your infant’s growing development. 99.8% of moms who changed to HiPP organic formulas, from a different brand, agree that their baby seems happier on the HiPP organic formulas than on their previous formula choice. No matter the stage of development your infant is in, HiPP organic has the perfect formula to fit your baby’s needs.