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Parent’s Choice Formula Reviews

Parent’s Choice is a private baby formula brand that is exclusively marketed by Walmart. Aside from making infant and baby formula, the Parent’s Choice brand also consists of formula for toddlers and older children, baby and toddler food, and nutritional supplement and rehydration drinks for young children. Due to the massive exposure that this brand receives by being available in Walmart retail locations, it’s no surprise that it’s the choice for millions of parents and their children.

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Parent's Choice Organic Infant Formula

Parent’s Choice Organic Formula is an ideal choice for parents who are concerned about meeting their infant’s full nutritional needs. It provides the required nutrients an infant needs as he or she grows at such an incredibly rapid rate in the first year. Additionally, it goes above and beyond the minimal concerns of parents by being a certified organic product.

Given that infants are proportionally smaller than adults and are developing quite rapidly, knowing exactly what is in a baby’s food or formula is of the utmost importance. For example, there are many reports these days about genetically modified organisms (so-called GMOs) in the mainstream food supply.

It’s easy to overlook that they can be present in conventional, non organic baby formula, in addition to all of the adult food items they’re in. Of course there are mixed reviews about whether they’re harmful or not. But, when it comes to your baby’s nutrition, many feel that it is a risk that isn’t worth taking.

Finding a formula made without genetically modified ingredients might seem like an expensive undertaking. This is where Parent’s Choice Formula can be especially welcome to a family on a tight budget. Without sacrificing quality, parents can make the choice to refrain from giving their infant GMO-ingredients without having to sacrifice other family needs. Parent’s Choice organic baby formula is a high quality infant nutrition that is truly affordable for most parents.

Non-Organic Options from Parent's Choice 

While you most likely came to this page because you were interested in organic baby formula, knowing that the Parent’s Choice label has more options might be of some interest. For a younger formula brand, they have a nice selection of other formulas as well.​

Parent's Choice Advantage Formula

The Parent's Choice Advantage option is an iron fortified milk-based formula. This is not an organic formula, but it does contain plenty of important nutritional additives such as DHA, ARA, calcium, and even prebiotics intended to help build and support your child’s young and fragile immune system. You should also know that you can feel safe due to the fact that this is made in the USA and is manufactured to FDA standards.

Parent’s Choice Soy Infant Powder Formula

For those of you who can’t use milk-based formulas, Parent’s Choice also offer a soy variant. It is a 100% vegetarian formula using only soy protein isolate and absolutely no animal protein. It’s also lactose-free so you don’t need to worry about causing your infant any bloat or other gastrointestinal discomfort. Like all of their other formulas, you can feel safe and confident about what goes into it because Parent’s Choice makes it in Vermont and makes sure it’s always manufactured at or above the American Academy of Pediatrics and FDA standards.

Parent's Choice Premium Formula With Iron

The Parent's Choice Premium Formula with Iron is their standard choice for parents needing a full nutritional solution for newborns all the way to twelve months of age. It has all the core essential vitamins and minerals found in the formula from the major brands, as well as being fortified with Iron, and infused with ARA and DHA. It is a milk-based option that is suitable for most children. If you are looking for a quality breast milk substitute this standard option is a great choice.

Is it as good as the big brand formulas?

Many people don’t realize that a store brand formula such as Parent’s Choice meets the very same nutritional needs of an infant compared to the big name brand counterparts. When comparing the Parent’s Choice label to the name brand products, it’s clear to see that it meets all of an infant’s needs in terms of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients (without being produced with potentially harmful pesticides – an important consideration during such a critical time in brain development).

It uses the same or similar non-GMO ingredients that the competitors use, it mixes well with water, and babies seem to enjoy the flavor. Best of all, it’s usually easier on your wallet than the big brands. For a truly organic non GMO baby formula, Parent’s Choice Organic has you covered.

Parent's Choice Formula Overview

As you can see, Parent’s Choice has a well made and affordable non GMO organic baby formula that should accommodate any parent that is looking for such an option. But, that isn’t all they have. For a store brand formula, they have a very full line-up offering many selections. Whether you are only looking for a breast milk substitute that won’t break the bank, or if you require a special formula like an organic or soy-based choice, they have you covered.

If you are not sure about using or making the switch to a store brand formula, it may help ease your mind to remember that all baby and infant formulas serving the America market must meet minimum health guideline set by the FDA. Using a store brand as opposed to a major brand does not equate to using a lower quality product.

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