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Similac Baby Formula Reviews

When it comes to infant formula brands, Similac stands out from the crowd. It has been a household name for almost a century. The man who is responsible for creating the formula is Alfred Bosworth, of Tufts University. Similac formula was released back in the late 1920s, but eventually it was reformulated in 1951. Currently, they operate under a parent company, Abbott Laboratories, a worldwide nutritional supplement company.

Similac has a complete line-up of baby formulas, and one of their more popular products is their organic Similac Advance formula. However, many people wonder how good it really is?

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Similac Advance Organic

Similac Advance Stage 1

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Similac Advance Organic Powder Formula

What separates organic formulas from non-organic formulas are the ingredients that are used. Similac Organic Formula is no different. Many formulas are sweetened to ensure babies finish each feeding. They are sweetened with corn syrup, which is not always the optimal choice. Similac Organic Formula However, Similac’s choice for their organic infant formula is sucrose or sugar cane, which many consider to be a healthier option than corn syrup. babies tend to really like the more natural flavoring as well.

Parents have the peace of mind knowing that there have been no verified health problems linked to Similac Organic. However, parents will want keep an eye on how often they feed their baby. Because the sugar cane is so sweet, babies may want to feed more than normal or want more formula each serving. Also, once they get used to the Advance Organic flavor, they may not consume other formulas.

Similac Organic Formula also has dual prebiotics. These prebiotics are beneficial to a baby’s digestive system by stimulating the growth of various healthy bacteria. Parents will also be pleased to know that it contains DHA and ARA, two essential fatty acids that promote brain development.

In summary, most of the organic baby formula reviewers have positive remarks about Similac due to:

  • Sweetened with sugar cane (sucrose) and not corn syrup
  • No linked health problemsPowdered version is easy to mix and they are one of the few companies that make a ready to feed organic formula
  • Contains dual prebiotics, which are beneficial for your baby’s digestive systemCertified USDA organic
  • Contains DHA and ARA; Nutrients that promote brain developmentMade with organic milk

Overall, if you want to start using or switch to an organic formula for either your baby’s health, the health of the enviroment, or both, Similac offers a great product that is sold at an affordable price. It is a high quality formula that is designed to give your child the nutrients that they deserve and need. There are many organic formulas on the market today, but none that carry the respect and trust that a brand like Similac has earned over the years.

Non-Organic Options from Similac

If you are only interested in organic formula for your infant, than you can stop reading here. But, it’s good to know that Similac offers an entire line-up of baby formula.

Similac Advance Stages

For parents who are looking for a complete nutritional baby formula, Similac offers their Advance Stages program. This consists of 3 different products that are staged to the age of your child.​

Similac Advance Infant Formula With Iron Stage 1

Similac Advance Stage 1 is a complete nutrition solution for newborns all the way to one-year old. It is meant to be used as a stand alone feeding formula and not as a supplement to breast feeding.

It comes complete with Similac’s trademarked OptiGRO, which they explain as a mix of DHA for brain and eye growth and development, vitamin E which is found in breast milk, and lutein for eye health. The stage 1 formula comes in the traditional powdered style, and it is also available in ready to feed bottles that don’t require and mixing or heating. They are very useful for when you don’t have access to hot water.

Similac Advance Infant Formula Stage 2

Similac Advance Stage 2 is designed for ages 6 months to 1 year. It is more like a bridge than a solo feeding choice, as it is meant to be used alongside solid foods. It is milk-based, and like stage 1, it contains the OptiGRO mix.

Similac Advance Formula Stage 3 - Go & Grow

Similac Advance Stage 3 more often referred to as Similac Go & Grow. It is designed for children aged 12 to 24 months old.

The main purpose of Go & Grow is to make sure your child gets all of the necessary nutrients they need that they might not get from the solid foods in their diet. It’s high in iron, calcium, vitamin E, DHA and ARA to ensure healthy cognitive, visual, and physical growth.

Similac Formula for Special Situations

Along with the organic formula and the standard stages formulas, they offer some other formula mixes to make sure they have something for every family out there. Here is a list of the other options that are available:

The name says it all. For mothers that breast feed but need to give their baby a little more, this is the perfect choice.

This is for babies who get gassy or fussy from standard formulas.

This is for particularly fussy babies. It have a more broken down form of protein making is much more easily digestible.

If your baby just simply cannot handle the animal protein found in cow’s milk formulas, Similac offers a soy-based option.

Similac Formula Overview

​No matter what you and your baby need, Similac has you covered. Their Similac organic formula is some of the most widely used and praised organic formulas around. And if you need something else, they have you covered as well. There’s a reason why Similac is known as America’s #1 brand of baby formula, and that is because they have been making quality affordable nutritional foods for babies and toddlers for close to a century.

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