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Vermont Organics Baby Formula Review

If you are looking for an organic baby formula that is made for those on a tight budget that still want to feed their child milk that comes from an organic source, perhaps Vermont Organics formula is the choice for you. While they don’t have the large product line-up or century old history that a brand like Similac does, they do make both a milk-based and a soy based formula that is affordable and organic.

​It’s always nice to have a little background on the manufacturer of a formula or food that you’ll give to your baby. The Vermont Organics brand is actually manufactured by a company named Perrigo Nutritionals. Like the brand name suggests, they are based out of Burlington, Vermont. That means that their factory and all of their scientists involved in the formulation and manufacturing process are located there or nearby there too.

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Vermont Organics Milk-Based Formula

Vermont Organics Soy-Based Formula

Vermont Organics Milk-Based Formula

The Vermont Organics milk-based organic baby formula product comes straight from Vermont Organics, USA. It is rich in minerals, vitamins and the nutrients that are critical in the baby’s development; the formula is especially suitable during an infant’s first year.

This milk-based formula also contains a number of beneficial nutrients that include Arachidonic Acid (ARA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA); these nutrients are similar to the ones found in mothers’ breast milk. These two specific nutrients are very critical in the development of body features such as the eyes and brain in infants. It’s so important that almost every major brand of baby formula now offers an option that contains these two nutrients.

The product is made using milk that emanates from cows that have been fed with organic feeds; the feeds are not laced with any growth hormones or antibiotics which have both been receiving a lot of negative press over the last several years. The milk-based formula is produced under a stringent and hygienic regulatory framework that meets the National Organic Program (NOP) guidelines on production of organic substances and is in accordance with the USDA regulations. The other plus is that there are no harmful pesticides or products used in the entire production process of this infant formula.

Vermont Organics Soy-Based Formula

This milk free Vermont Organics soy formula is best suited for infants who are lactose sensitive; it can also be used if you want to place your baby on a vegetarian protein regime. However, before you start your child on this soy formula, it is critical to consult your baby’s pediatrician in case you feel that the child is lactose sensitive.

This soy formula is both lactose and milk free. Its nutritional value is designed to be as similar as possible to what you would find in a mother’s milk. Some of the essential nutrients that are included are:

  • water soluble choline “vitamins“
  • Arachidonic Acid (ARA)
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

Both ARA and DHA are linked to the development of fast interconnecting tissues like those found in the eyes and brain of infants.

Vermont Organics Soy Infant Formula is also formulated to meet a number of regulations and standards as spelled by the Quality Assurance International (QAI), the US Department of Agriculture and the Federal Food Drug Administration. This gluten free formula also features other ingredients such as: organic corn syrup, organic soy oil, ascorbic acid, niacin-amide and riboflavin, among other ingredients indicated in the product label. The ingredients do not contain any traces of GMO or other products that may pose danger to users.

Vermont Organics Baby Formula Overview

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The organic components in both of these baby formulas include an array of complete nutrients such as choline which is an essential micronutrient, in addition to fortified ARA and DHA components. It’s also important to restate that these organic infant formulas are produced using non GMO ingredients. If you are GMO plants are usually engineered using the DNA or micro-bacteria from other plants for the main purpose of increasing food productivity with little regard to the natural balance of the nutrition found in non-GMO, or organic plants and foods. Furthermore, both the milk-based and soy-based versions of the Vermont Organics formula is made without any speck of antibiotics or pesticides which may pose dangers to the health of children.

When comparing which organic baby formula is best for you and your family, remember that although it’s priced more affordably than many other brands, this certified organic baby formula has still fulfilled all the requirements spelled out by the National Organic Program (NOP). The facility that is based in the north of Burlington in Vermont in which this formula is produced is regularly FDA inspected to ensure the health and safety of the users. It is ISO-9001:2008 certified.

And if you are concerned about the well-being of the cows which produce the milk used for the milk-based formula, you’ll be glad to know that they are raised happily on an organic feed with plenty of access to the outdoors. SO you can see that from the feed used for the cows that supply the milk to the additional ingredients such as the vitamins and minerals used, Vermont Organics truly runs an organic manufacturing process from start to finish. If you want or even need to use formula in order to make sure your baby is getting enough nutrition, and you prefer to go the organic route, this is a great option, especially if your family is on a limited budget.

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